Services: We offer the following services, for any sized business or individual.


Application Development Database Development / Administration

Desktop, Mobile, and Web

Microsoft SQL Server and Access

  • Design/Develop/Test/Deploy/Sustain custom data driven applications
  • Modify/Expand/Update your current applications
  • Develop database objects and structures for storage, retrieval, and reporting per customer specifications
  • Database instance setup, install, upgrade and maintenance
  • Database backup and recovery
System Administration / Network Integration Surveillance Systems

Microsoft Windows Server and Virtual Environments

Complete residential or commercial solutions

  • Server/Workstation setup, install, upgrade and maintenance
  • System backup and recovery
  • LAN/WAN design and configuration
  • Install security cameras (IP, wireless, or wired)
  • Setup security DVR
  • Setup remote monitoring via PC, Tablets, and Smartphones
Microcontroller Development
  • Arduino
  • Netduino
  • Raspberry Pi


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